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Currently all appointments have been filled through August 19th.  New appointments will be posted starting August 23, 2022.    

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How to make an appointment? 

  • Appointments are limited and are filled on a first come-first served basis. If you do not see open appointments, that means all available appointments have been filled.  Please check back frequently as sometimes appointments are canceled or new appointments are added.    
  • Find a date and time when you want to schedule your appointment (all times are set for local Atlanta time). If the appointment is available, you will be able to click on it and enter your personal information.  (If you are unable to do click on a time/day, then the appointment is not available.
  • Enter the information to schedule the appointment.  Double check that the date, time, and information for your appointment are correct and click save
  • If you have successfully scheduled the appointment here, you will receive a notification email from MyWCOnline.     
  • After successfully making an appointment, you will receive a Zoom email invitation. 
  • Make sure you accept the Zoom invitation to secure your appointment.  

How to cancel an appointment? Click on your appointment, which should be a yellow box, and follow the instructions. You must cancel at least 20 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment for a full refund.

Remember!!! Appointments are time-limited, so please arrive on time or even a few minutes before! 

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